Hello, welcome to my page


Are you looking to commemorate a special moment or your loved ones in a photograph that you can proudly display in your home? Or maybe you want a nice picture of yourself to celebrate the love you have for you?


I can help you with that!


I’m easy going and always open to ideas you might have to get the best possible photograph. I love to laugh and sing, so we can always play a little music during a shoot. I prefer to work outside, using natural light, but I can also come to your place if that is where you and/or your loved ones feel more comfortable. Your comfort and fun is what gets us the best images in the end. 

I love children and animals, understanding that they might need some patience, so I am willing to spend the time to create beautiful images that can serve as a cherished memory. I also speak English, German and Dutch, so let me know what language you feel most comfortable with. 

Got interested? Then why not have a look at the other menu items to learn some more? 

If you want to get in touch with me just go to contact and send me a message.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!