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My name is Scarlet. I was born to German parents in Decatur near Atlanta, Georgia/USA, moving back to Frankfurt a.M./Germany when I was barely one year old. I continued growing up in Germany until I was 16, when I spent a year at High School in Pennsylvania / USA. After coming back to Germany, I joined Frankfurt International School for two years, finishing it with the International Baccalaureate. I then went to university in England, with one semester in Australia, graduating with a BSc in Communication and Media studies in 2010. 


After my studies I came back to Germany, where my dad lent me his DSLR. I fell in love with photography right then and there, picking it up as a hobby instantly. After having worked in TV and radio in Cologne/Germany, life brought me to Utrecht/the Netherlands in 2012. For 5 years I worked in customer service in Amsterdam, all the while continuing to take photos with a passion. In 2016 I met my now husband. We moved to Purmerend in 2018 and got married just this year in Norway.

Now I am lucky enough to turn my hobby into my full time job with my own business Scarlet Haag Photography. Since 2018 I have also been supporting my mentor and friend Helen Navajas as a second wedding photographer with her incredible work at Helen Navajas Fine Art Photography in Volendam, Netherlands. 

Ever since I can remember, I have been a visual and creative person who relishes the beauty of the world, even within the smallest things. I seek to reflect realness and authenticity, capturing the contrast between nature and the manmade world, the play of shadow and light, as well as candid emotions of the human experience. I want to help you create personal and memorable pieces of art that can be displayed proudly at home or serve as a forever lasting reminder of a special day. I appreciate natural light and prefer working outdoors, where I can capture both the beauty of Dutch nature, as well as unique portraits.

I speak German, English and Dutch fluently, so tell me what you're most comfortable with. I love working with children and animals of all sorts. I have a car so I can come to you.

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